JACK/KNIFE is more than any one product, the people in our tribe make our story. 

Lyn Clarke is the archetypal, American man. He is a fifth generation rancher with an ardent flair for the rehabilitation of confused and unruly horses. He is also a farrier blacksmith who is responsible for forging horseshoes and proper hoof trimming and care. On any given day he works 10-14 hours and drives 75-250 miles a day offering his unique array of talents to eager clients. Lyn’s passion and zeal for horses is but a token from a larger personal ethos built on integrity, devotion, and solidity. Yes, he is a horseman and a blacksmith, but, first and foremost, he is a father and a husband. He is an industrious soul who sticks to his roots with a deep-seated desire to provide for those he loves...

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Words by Zachary Vouga and photographs by Jordan Vouga of Ancestry Quarterly