Jack/Knife is more than any one product / the people in our tribe make our story. 

Going forward this site will serve as more than a vessel to sell the worlds best jean. We will be showcasing people that field test Jack/Knife products in the most fascinating elements. Jack/Knife believes in our tribe. Exploring the stories of these characters and the worlds they live have enriched our lives. 

First to be featured is John Pemberton of Carlysle Manufacturing. He lives in a cabin deep in the Redwoods groves of Big Basin Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. John makes the Jack/Knife of furniture; hand crafting beautiful pieces in his personal shop surrounded by the uncut and wild.The best of our recent times have been spent with him tromping underneath wet canopies, making friends with Rough Skinned Newts and exploring all that his world has to offer. The Western Pocket Jean is a staple in his life and he is one of the biggest inspirations in ours.

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